Monday, December 18, 2017

Final Project: Egress in Space


egress in space
84" x 17"
digital montage
Bain 2017

Through the course of the semester I have been challenged with the high concepts of art and its execution from the fundamental to the complex level.  As I tried to navigate through the complexities yet symbiosis of the arts and sciences. I came to the realization that I am my own research. In that, I became to think of time as a relevant indicator of measurement.  From exploring the visual options of how to depict time I found that topical information was lacking.  Further thought brought me to time and space, and it's meaning and value. During the semester I have had my struggles with both in the literal form.  Trying to find balance and how to manage all aspects of time.  This train of thought brought me to the spaces around campus and how I use them.  They have become both physical and philosophical egresses in time and space. With this in mind I focus on those entry and exits that have led me to this course, this program, and this University of West Florida.

Self Crtiticism and Evaluation:

The road to this image was difficult as i struggled with lack of passion and dedication to one idea.  I am happy with the result in terms of form and composition.  Other aspects should be addressed.  Id prefer to see the piece as in it's original intent as a printed long form of 7ft x 17".  also as I progressed the thought of a journal like timeline and text could have added more context to thte images as far as my life as the research. 

Friday, December 15, 2017


Project Review: I'm fascinated with the combination of programming and design. It has reignited my previous relationship with both the arts and sciences.  The coding language truly is it's own language. it will take some time to master and worth it in the end result.  What very little I've been able to accomplish, makes me quest for more information and new ways to execute display of art and how programming works as an art in itself.  The difficult part is making sure that this tool doesn't rust.  I can see it being incredibly difficult to not code or program for a duration and try to return to it.  at this point I've already forgotten what to type into the Zilla program to fire up additional images to my site.

with this in mind adding images to the blogger itself and using it as a design tool and a form of instruction will be a great asset.  Wish i had known this  a bit earlier.  Goes to show me, click all the buttons and see what happens.  More philosophical regard to art making, see what happens.

The GIF-t

A response to the GIF

In consideration of my age, I'm quite lucky to see the advent of computing technology and its home accessibility.  The GIF itself is, to me, an achievement of bringing the technical inherent nature of the computer as a giant calculator and integrating it with the humanity of life and movement.  Socially i think we avoid the static or maybe don't see its initial humanism.  Much like the popular opinion that an equation of geometry or physics is not seen as art but as a technical means to communicate an idea in a factual nature.  But is that so different that a GIF? inherently its comprised of a series of mathematical equations that are beyond my scope of understanding.  After programming and transfer occurs, the result is a finely executed animation.  Albeit the bulk of GIFs have a amateur and low resolution quality to them, they are refined in the idea that early GIFs were deconstructionist in their rendering.  Taking the essential nature of whatever the topics movement is and rendering it in a simple format.  Philosophically the GIF can be viewed as much more refined that a feature length animated film, because of its inherent nature to be root and core.  Socially we value seeing our world depicted in all sorts of formats. (art definition: a depiction of the world in the context of chosen format and execution) Digital is no different.  to be able to animate and fictionalize an aspect of life or create a moving image is an homage to our understanding of being human. The advent of the Internet itself is based upon information sharing.  Moving materials from one place to another as fast as we can is part of human history.  And now to share them both thoughts and ideas and images and art are now readily available to share and to take and redistribute.  The significance of the GIF is interwoven to this information sharing,  Creating them or choosing to share another builds our electronic individuality.  Creating our presence in which ever way we choose to be depicted or registered as.  Sometimes specific to the personality or the ability to make one self in the imaginary.  GIFs like art and imagery work as digital tattoos, describing visual information as chosen by the creator and given to us through the window of the monitor.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


To assess preexisting structures in order to begin a discussion on the use or lack of, solar power and renewable energy.  Secondary, to combine the aesthetic with the functional in the form of sculptural active installation.

-collecting data on roof surface area
-analyzing power and cost usage across campus
-understanding the solar panel physics and photovoltaics
-construction of mock up and/or basic models
 Electrical Distribution

The University of West Florida has sole responsibility for operation of the campus primary electrical distribution system located within the property boundaries of campus. Electric power is delivered to the Central Utility Plant (Building 40) from Gulf Power at 12,470 volts. The voltage is then stepped down through power transformers to 460 volts and distributed to campus facilities through an underground electrical cable system. To enhance reliability, an alternate power feed is possible in the event of interruption of power in the primary electrical power feeder to Building 40.
·       Did you know:
·       The installed electrical power capacity for the UWF campus could provide electrical power to over 600 homes.

Facilities & Operations
Bldg. 90 / Room 112
11000 University Parkway 
Pensacola, FL 32514 

Ken Zweibel.
Author: Zweibel, Kenneth
Published: New York : Plenum Press, c1990.

UWF Library Book Stacks


Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Project Review:
the integration of Digital media into how I create has opened up a gift of possibilities.  from digital manipulation to animation, tools i once thought difficult to obtain are beginning to become readily available.  I am by no means technically superior at this point, however very satisfied with the outcome and the new capabilities.  I am influenced by pop culture and its almost imaginary iconography and how it is integrated into our social mind as well as what role it plays in art.   Reusing and re purposing has become significant.

Friday, October 6, 2017

new media digital montage, CHIMERA
entitled: A public service announcement from the Department of Public Domestication

new media digital montage, CHIMERA
entitled: Labyrinth, Labia, Maze, and the Minotaur

new media digital montage, CHIMERA
entitled: ROBOT SEX SHOP

Project Review:
After learning some fundamentals and experimentation with photoshop and resources, i feel i have progressed in concept and execution.  the last two pieces I find quite successful.  The imagery is perhaps taboo and subversive, and i feel it lends itself to the direction and portrayal and tongue in cheek quality of the images.  Also more fitting into the parameters of the social context behind the chimera project.  Looking in detail about how science directly affects our lives and will continue to influence innovations in both the positive and negative manners.
new media digital montage
entitled: #sweaterweather

new media digital montage
entitled: Hail to the Cheeto

new media digital montage
entitled: it'll rot your brain

Project Review: 
upon reentering the world of digital media, I was greeted with the difficult idea of the computer as a tool in image making.  Traditional education and philosophy seems to regard the computer as a crutch for artists to create images with out the proper training and examination.  I find myself questioning what path is reinterpreting others work and images and what is the impact of doing so.  How do i represent myself as an artist and/or is that representation necessary? I will have questions of identity through out my interaction with art and its creation.